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to succeed in China

China is a single, complex and constantly evolving market.

To succeed, local expertise,  operational efficiency

and access to the right distribution channels are necessary.

Our mission ?

Make French companies succeed  in the world's largest market.

Based in France and China, our bi-cultural team  accompany you  

to get started and make you grow.

You want to know more about your  potential  in China ? 


Our ambassador, Sophie Marceau

Icon of France in China,

Sophie Marceau chose MaFrance

to promote the excellence of Made in France in the largest market in the world. 

"The definition of the word" crisis "in Chinese

translates to "opportunity".

The MaFrance concept is a magnificent opportunity to bring together French companies and

Chinese consumers.

This concept, I visualized it as a  bridge

of ten thousand kilometers that connects  the two  country in one straight line. "

Sophie Marceau

Sophiee Marceau Paris Match.jpg

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Define your growth plan in China, supported by our local partners.

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Join the  first Made in France cross-border e-commerce platform

in China.


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